A Man, His Dog, and a Dream

Breaking Trail Jerky is an artisan small-batch crafted jerky and a proud Kentucky small business.

Our Story
In the heart of the Bluegrass State, where rolling hills meet the meandering Kentucky River, a unique story unfolds. It's the tale of a man named Brandon and his faithful four-legged companion, Mooney, who embarked on an extraordinary journey to create something delicious and truly special. Welcome to the world of "Breaking Trail," a beef jerky company born out of a passion for quality, flavor, and the unwavering bond between a man and his dog.

Brandon Turek, a Kentucky native with a penchant for adventure, had always been a fan of beef jerky. He enjoyed it on hiking trips, during road trips, and even as a snack while watching the Wildcats play. But Brandon, an avid foodie with a knack for culinary experimentation, had a dream. He dreamt of creating the perfect beef jerky—something flavorful, tender, and steeped in the traditions of his beloved Bluegrass State.

Mooney, Brandon’s loyal Jack Russell Terrier, was always by his side, ready for the next adventure. They shared hikes through the Red River Gorge, and strolls along the Kentucky River, and countless evenings on the porch watching the Kentucky sunset. It was during one of these serene evenings that the idea for “Breaking Trail Jerky” was born.

Quality, Tradition, and Local Pride

Determined to create jerky that showcased the flavors of Kentucky, Brandon began experimenting with different cuts of beef and locally sourced ingredients. He believed that the secret to exceptional jerky lay in preserving the traditions of the region. Brandon’s commitment to quality and his love for the Bluegrass State soon yielded a range of jerky flavors that captured the essence of Kentucky itself.

Breaking Trail Jerky takes pride in using locally raised, hormone-free beef, and crafting small batches of jerky that honor the region’s culinary heritage. From classic Bourbon BBQ to zesty Ale-8-One infused flavors, each bite of Breaking Trail Jerky jerky is a testament to the rich food culture of Lexington.

A Bark-Worthy Partnership

Mooney, always the eager taste tester, played an essential role in the company’s journey. His infectious enthusiasm for each batch of jerky, expressed through tail wags and excited barks, served as a constant reminder of the joy that delicious food can bring. In tribute to their enduring partnership, you’ll find Mooney’s paw print proudly adorning every Breaking Trail Jerky jerky package.

Community and Future Dreams

As Breaking Trail Jerky continues to grow, Brandon and Mooney remain committed to giving back to the community that has supported them from the beginning. They actively participate in local charity events and have plans to collaborate with Kentucky animal shelters to ensure that other dogs find loving homes, just as Mooney did.

With a shared vision of promoting local pride, embracing tradition, and savoring life’s simple pleasures, Brandon and Mooney have turned a dream into reality. They invite you to join them on this journey through flavors and stories that celebrate the heart and soul of Lexington, Kentucky.

Breaking Trail Jerky—a tribute to a man, his dog, and the spirit of the Bluegrass State.


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